Free psd ipad photo & lenevo responsive mock ups

This is a modern responsive website & photo mock-ups with smart object.

You can create a responsive preview of your website with this lenevo,  ipad, photo  mock-up easily. Double click on Smart object and put your website screenshot and save it, It’s really cool.


• Fully Editable Psd  File (fully layered file)
• Smart Object.
• Clean Design.
• Photo realistic Design.
• Well organized layers

File Size: 18.19 MB


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  2. I have tried to download this link 4 times and I keep getting directed to another page that tells me to email you if I am directed from another source or undo something if I have something else happening(sorry cannot remember exactly))
    the 3 other freebie links I have downloaded have worked fine but this one just stops. Do not know what is wrong, please help-


    • We do not allow direct linking to our files from external websites to preserve bandwidth. If you are behind a proxy or using any extension that is hiding your referrer, our system will detect you as external traffic and prevent you from downloading. Please make sure your referrer is visible. And click the download button from this page.

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