download sample Figma landing page for dribbble
sample figma landing page for dribbble

sample Figma creative landing page for Dribbble

sample figma pet landing page for dribbble

sample Digma pet landing page for Dribbble

Sample Figma Landing Page

For designer who started UI/UX design recently, you may need to see some sample Figma file to check how other designers posting on Dribbble and designing in Figma. You often thing how they add shape and play with colors, Here you can see free sample Figma file to check everything. Using light color and minimal photos bring more professionalism to this work,

Upload first Dribbble shot

If you are planning to upload your first Dribbble shot you may need to check this file to get overall idea about the Figma file. Dribbble is nice place to explore other designer’s work and upload your designs once you are ready. Make sure you understand how Dribbble works.

How to get likes on Dribbble?

First you have know who are the users of Dribbble? Majority users of Dribbble are designer like you and a very few are client’s and other professionals. As a beginner you have to design eye catchy design attract other designer (Dribbble users). Most of the Dribbble user click on the design either they think it have some unique thing or a professional work. Be consistent what you are uploading. You can delete the shots later, do not worry about that.

These sample landing pages will help you to understand the basic quality you need to upload on Dribbble.
Figma is the best and powerful free design tool, You can check youtube or google to know more about Figma. 

Please do not upload those file directly to Dribbble or anywhere. These files are for inspiration and sample how you can design for Dribbble.

You can visit to get more free Figma files. Mostly free resume templates for designers, engineer and other professionals.


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